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“Our pharmacy fills bingo cards in 8

hour shifts.  Before Pillvac, our goal

was to fill, seal, and label 300+ cards

per technician per shift (40/hr per tech). 

We put a team of 2 technicians with the

Pillvac, and the two of them are now

filling, sealing, and labeling 1300+

cards in one 8 hour shift (170 cards/hr,

or 85/hr per tech). 

Using one unit DOUBLED the

production of TWO of our


        --Michelle K., Pharmacy Manager, IA

“My first Pillvac was purchased when I

was a Pharmacy Manager in Boise, ID. 

It is a tremendous tool to help with

‘inventory turns.’  It’s great to be able

to fill the orders closer to the ship date

and be reimbursed before the bill is

due.  I’ve since moved to a pharmacy

in North Carolina and purchased a

second Pillvac.”

        --Pam B., Pharmacy Manager, NC


“...a game-changing device for long term care pharmacy.”
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“What was previously the most time-

consuming step in filling scripts is now

the fastest.  It has allowed us to

expand our business with multiple new

homes without adding a single

additional technician for cycle-fill.  In

fact, we now give them the option of

taking the afternoon off when we are

multiple days ahead.”

        --Kyle J., Pharmacy Owner, NE

“Pillvac has allowed our pharmacy to

grow without adding additional staff

and has made our cycle-fill process so

much more efficient than I think we

could have ever imagined.  It is

incredibly easy to use, takes very

minimal training for technicians, and is

by far the most reliable technology

piece we utilize in our pharmacy. 

Pillvac has definitely been one of the

best investments we have made for our

pharmacy.  It is a wonderful product.”

        --Mackenzie F., Pharmacist in Charge, NE

“Our Pillvac has really paid off! After

only using it for a couple of months I

have already seen a sizeable

productivity improvement. Our

technicians enjoy its ease of use and

how easy it was to incorporate into our

workflow. Thank you Christian for the

great product and I am purchasing

more units to expand their use in my


        --Troy R., Pharmacy Owner, SD