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“...a game-changing device for long term care pharmacy.”
ValuMed Pharmacy It is amazing to see the positive impact that Pillvac has had on our pharmacy—and amazing to think that we originally wanted to send it back! When we first received our Pillvac, we thought there might be something wrong with the unit and wanted to return it.  While it did pick up smaller tablets and capsules easily, it was not working like the videos they posted on the website.  Our technicians were certainly not filling that many different meds that quickly.  After a few days, we contacted the company to let them know that either the unit wasn’t working right or Pillvac didn’t work as advertised.  They asked us a few questions and determined that mechanically the unit was functioning properly. They sent a technician to our location that showed us some techniques that really helped. Within a week of the technician coming we were already seeing an increase of cards being filled by one technician. At the end of one month we were amazed at the amount of cards one technician could fill. Our pharmacy fills bingo cards in 8 hour shifts.  Before Pillvac, our goal was to fill, seal, and label 300+ cards per technician per shift (40/hr per tech).  We put a team of 2 technicians with the Pillvac, and the two of them are now filling, sealing, and labeling 1300+ cards in one 8 hour shift (170 cards/hr, or 85/hr per tech).  Using one unit DOUBLED the production of TWO of our TECHNICIANS! We have been using our Pillvac for almost 5 months, and saying it has significantly improved our production would be an understatement.  While we had one technician leave, we did not need to hire a replacement because of the Pillvac.  In fact, even with a smaller staff, we still get our cycle fill out early.  We are now adding new homes and the efficiency of Pillvac will help us with our growth.  Sincerely, Michelle K, Pharmacy Manager ValuMed Pharmacy Sioux City, IA
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