Redesigned With Major

Feature Upgrades

This year, Pillvac announced the launch of its third generation of LTC pharmacy automation, the PV3, making the best value in automation even better.  Pillvac customers already have the fastest and easiest to use blister card filling device in the world with PIllvac, and now new features make it more powerful, quieter, and ergonomically friendly.  A reconfigured airflow system delivers more suction power while a single push of the handle-activated “Automatic” setting reduces motor speed to its lowest, quietest setting whenever the unit is not actively in use.  A novel removable and washable pre- filter located inside the completely redesigned handle now pairs with a washable HEPA post- filter to keep internal components cleaner--and functioning more powerfully.  To simplify adherence to USP <800> requirements for Hazardous Drugs, PIllvac is also announcing a new line of color-coded counting trays and dedicated attachments that ensure compliance and safety. “These new advances in design show our commitment to make Pillvac the best value in the pharmacy automation landscape,” said Christian Thiede, Pillvac’s CEO.  “With its focus on continual improvements in function and ergonomics, Pillvac will continue to lead the market in responsiveness to customer demands.”
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“...a game-changing device for long term care pharmacy.”