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How loud is Pillvac?

The newest version of Pillvac is even quieter than the original!  Pillvac has been engineered to operate at a level of around 61 to 63 dB(A).  This is about the same volume as “restaurant conversation.”  A typical vacuum cleaner operates in the range of 74 to 80+ dB(A), which is about twice as loud as Pillvac.  Previously, when the unit was powered on but not actively picking up medications, air was drawn through the holes in the plates of the handle.  This created a constant source of sound at counter height (where the handle rested on its hook).  Our improved design now pulls this airflow directly into the base of the unit through a sound-deadening filter.  While this new design significantly decreases the volume of the intake, it also relocates the source of sound further from the ears of the user, resulting in much quieter operation.

How large is Pillvac?

While we have packed more features into the second generation of Pillvac, it still has the same footprint of only 1.5 square feet--smaller than a typical carry-on bag.  It can easily be moved to any location in the pharmacy and only needs a standard 120V outlet for operation.

How many amps does it draw?

A complete redesign of the internal components of the second generation of Pillvac has greatly increased its efficiency.  It is still designed with a 9A motor, but that same motor now provides 50% more power for lifting tablets and capsules.  The load is roughly equivalent to that of a toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, or hair dryer. What is included with the Pillvac system? A complete Pillvac system consists of (1) Pillvac vacuum source and handle with upper transparent magnetic plate, (2) packaging specific removable lower magnetic plates, (1) counting tray, (1) microfiber cleaning kit, and (1) under counter hook. Additional magnetic plates, counting trays, and microfiber cleaning kits are also available. Can Pillvac fill my blister packaging? Your Pillvac system can be configured to fill absolutely any manufacturer or design of blister packaging.  14-ct, 30-ct, 31-ct, 60-ct, 90-ct, even days, odd days--any packaging, any variation your pharmacy utilizes.  Please contact us and we will help you determine how to best fit the needs of your pharmacy.
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